Nosara Day Camp in the Community
First Aid, Safety, and CPR Certification

Nosara Day Camp is proud to be the local coordinator for Emergency Care Costa Rica, which is recognized by the Safety Council of the USA.

Emergency Care Cost Rica provides CPR and first aid certification classes for teachers, caregivers, tour guides, parents, hotel staff and citizens-at-large. Classes can be tailored to suit the needs of your organization. Re-certification courses are also available.

If you would like to schedule a first aid class for your group or if you would like to know when our next class will be held, please phone Elizabeth Cundill at +1 506 8360-9855

Supporting local not-for-profits
Connecting kids with our community



TORTUGuiones is a sea turtle conservation project at the Beaches of Nosara whose mission is to protect sea turtles and their habitat within the Guiones Sector of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge through conservation, outreach, and education.

Guardianes del Rio Nosara


The Guardians of the Rio Nosara are focused on the conservation and reforestation of the Rio Nosara ecosystem. Nosara Day Camp helps seed and plant new trees and maintain and water reforested areas. In doing so we learn about the flora and fauna supported by this beautiful river and the effects of dikes, bridges and other structures on river systems.

Bomberos de Nosara


Our local volunteer firefighters work tirelessly on behalf of our community, fighting fires and saving homes, forests and animals, cutting hiking trails through our jungle, and removing unwanted animals from our doorsteps for relocation back into the wild. If it’s a tough job, call the Bomberos. They are here to help and they do far more for us than their small numbers would suggest.

Costas Verdes


Costas Verdes is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to conserve and protect ecosystems and biodiversity in coastal areas, including Guiones beach. Kids help by finding seeds in the jungle, establishing seedlings, replanting, and watering young trees through the difficult dry season.