Safety and Health


To ensure the safety and comfort of every camper, we maintain counselor-to-camper ratios are 1:4 or better. Each Nosara Day Camp counselor is certified in first aid and CPR by Emergency Care Costa Rica, which follows US National Safety Council guidelines. All our counselors are bilingual in English and Spanish, carry a cell phone and first aid kit, and are trained how to respond in the case of emergency.

If for any reason you need to reach the camp during the day please email or dial 506 8360-9855. For Cinthya email or dial 8606-8903.

If we cannot respond to you immediately please don’t worry, we’re likely tethered to a climbing rope, can’t hear the ringing due to the rumble of the waterfalls, or we turned off the ringer momentarily so as not to scare the wildlife. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Waiver/ Health form

We require that all parents read and sign the waiver and health form, including insurance information and detailed information about your child’s health background.

 Please click here to download our health form and waiver.

Is your child ready for Nosara Day Camp?

Although the program at Nosara Day Camp is designed for kids around 5-15 years old, we know age is not always an indicator of readiness!  Younger siblings, used to “keeping up”, may be more independent than another child the same age. Other times an older child needs time to adjust to Nosara’s warm weather and isn’t ready for tropical adventures just yet!

Here is a list of things to consider if you’re wondering if NDC is the right option:

Your child will need to be able to do basic things like carry their own backpack and water bottle, be kind and respectful to other kids, and let a counselor know if they’re thirsty or need to use the toilet. They’ll be expected to change their clothes with limited help, and to keep track of their things. For safety reasons they’ll need to move with the group, listen to and follow directions.

Kids don’t need to be good at or even enjoy everything on the roster but they are expected to keep an open mind to new challenges- even when they might seem difficult or strange. Things like clambering over rocks, biting into a slippery mamonchino, roping up for their first climb at a climbing wall, or going to the bathroom in the jungle are all normal parts of any day with Nosara Day Camp.

Counselors are always on on hand to ensure safety and to teach kids new things. Some of the environments we visit are very dynamic- tide pools especially can be exposed, windy, and slippery.  A visit to the farm requires kids to listen well and be respectful to the animals and to our local hosts. With a 4:1 child:counselor ratio, our staff enthusiastically teach new skills and guide activities but they cannot be expected to take their attention away from the group to give constant attention to one child.

Still wondering if your kids are ready?  Please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your concerns.