Our Program
A day in the life of a Nosara Day Camper…

Nosara Day Camp knows it’s fun to explore, so we make sure no two days are the same.  After signing in at the Harbor Reef Hotel, we leave by bus to pursue out-of-the-way adventures.  We aim to see things that are difficult for most tourists to find on their own, like bat caves (accessible only at low tide) and jungle waterfalls. We get a glimpse into Guanacaste culture by throwing hand lines with the fishermen, playing soccer with local kids, and visiting a family on their farm where we bake, visit the animals, pick and eat fresh fruit, swim, and sometimes go for an ox-cart ride…  Whatever the day’s activities, we promise to keep it authentic, safe, and fun.  A day with us generally goes something like this:

7:50-8:10 am  Drop off at the Harbor Reef. Meet our staff, sign the registration and waiver and ask any last minute questions.

8:20  Leave by bus or on foot for the day’s activities.

10:00  Snack of fresh fruit (watermelon, apples, piña….) and water or smoothie.

11:30  Lunchtime! Usually in a picnic setting, cook-out, local resto or on the farm.

1 pm  Pick-up at the Harbor Reef Hotel.

1-4  Optional extended day program ($8 per hour per child, $15 for two):  Kids can enjoy crafting, Spanish lessons, yoga, beach time, mini-golf, or reading. We are also happy to arrange to bring your children to off-site surf lessons, or Spanish classes at the Nosara Spanish Institute.


Snorkeling the tidal pools, gliding through mangroves on a paddleboard or kayak, and entering a cave filled with bats are just some of the ways we begin to explore. We always stop to take in more subtle things: a working team of leaf-cutter ants… a tiny hummingbird nest spun from spider webs… the fishermen in the Boca throwing bait nets or reeling in pargo.


Whether we are hiking in the Nosara Biosphere Reserve, taking part in beach clean ups, or taking in the birdlife at the Boca, our goal is to use children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm for the outdoors to expose them to some of the science behind what they’re seeing. Camp activities are a natural segue to discussions about plastics in our environment, water cycles, weather systems, conservation, wildlife and more.


Local farmer Ricardo invites us to join him on his farm near Nosara Centro to learn about the animals and food that sustain us. Highlights include making lunch (and dessert!) in the traditional outdoor domed oven, visiting and feeding the animals, swimming and picnicking on the river banks, and touring the garden and tropical fruit trees. With interest from the group, a full-day trip to Don Carlos and America’s farm in Zaragoza can also be planned.

Skills & Recreation

It wouldn’t be fun in the sun without tennis, dangling from the climbing walls at Climb Nosara, practicing uppercuts in the Muy Thai ring, and rolling off the drops at the favorite local kids hang out, Esqina skate park. Whatever level of experience, kids get one-on-one instruction from the pros and from our own counselors who oversee safety.


As part of NDC’s commitment to sustainability, we integrate stewardship activities and awareness into part of every camp day. This includes beach clean-ups, planting and maintaining trees with the Costas Verde and Guardians of the Rio Nosara reforestation projects; learning about dry tropical jungles, forest fires and snakes from one of our local volunteer fire fighters; and understanding the importance of sea turtle conservation and the Ostional Wildlife Preserve from Vanessa Bezy, a resident biologist and researcher.

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Date Nights for Moms and Dads

Keep an eye out for evening drop-off movie nights for the kiddos!

Family Package with the Nosara Spanish Institute

Nosara Day Camp is pleased to partner with the Nosara Spanish Institute to offer families week-long packages for kids and parents. Our shared Family Spanish and Culture Program gives parents and kids over age 15 the opportunity to take a 20-hour intensive Spanish course each morning from 8 to 11:40 am, while kids under 14 join Nosara Day Camp for adventure excursions until 1 pm.  This week-long program provides a full morning of learning and culture for both parents and kids, leaving the afternoons for families to surf and explore Nosara.

Please book by emailing register@nosaradaycamp.com, or calling +1 506 8360-9855.