Registration & Pricing

Explorers Program:  Mornings and Lunch

Our regular program runs from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 1 pm. Every day we offer new excursions, so kids can come for a couple weeks or just a day!

The weekly rate is $350 per child per week,  $325 for each additional sibling. Full time residents enjoy 20% off.

Our weekly price includes a fresh fruit snack, healthy hot lunch, all equipment (snorkels, goggles, SUP, climbing gear, etc) all activity costs, and transportation from excursions to and from the Harbor Reef and Harmony Hotels.

The drop-in rate is $70 per child, $65 for each additional child.  Three activities require an added activity cost of $20: stand-up paddle boarding, horseback riding, and surf lessons.

20% off is given for full-time Nosara residents.

Payment is by cash on the morning you arrive. We will have credit card and PayPal soon!

Nosara Day Camp aims for a 4:1 child:counselor ratio or better.  Due to these staffing requirements, we cannot guarantee a child a space without a reservation by 4 pm the day before. Call or text +1 506 8360-9855 or email  to reserve!


Extended Day Program

The optional Extended Day Program runs from 1 pm- 4 pm and is based out of the Harbor Reef Hotel. Counselors oversee quiet and informal activities such as beach time, watering the trees at Costa Verdes reforestation program, yoga, board games, reading corner, and crafting. A trip to Esqina Skate Park or to the Guiones tide pools are also in the cards.

The cost is $8 per hour per child, or $15 for two.

Off-site lessons:  We are happy to arrange to bring your children to off-site lessons after 1 pm, such as Spanish classes at the Nosara Spanish Institute, tennis at the Colibri Tennis Club, surf lessons, etc. These should be arranged by you, or through Nosara Day Camp in advance.

Call 8360-9855 or email to book.